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SubwayListens: From the available resources of feedback collection from purchasers for different purposes, the survey method is the best fit and is used by most of the companies. The survey method helps companies in gaining the most fruitful advantages and measurable outputs. However, surveys also possess some loops and negatives but in a considerable range. One can get rid of these by following some healthy practices at the company in their respective fields.

While in such an era of the survey online surveys are the better option for every company as these days everything is being digitalized and people are making themselves a digital freak. Customers will prefer an online survey rather than going to an orthodox paper survey.

Then in such a position to get into the survey market, a huge giant in the fast-food sector SUBWAY came up with a revolutionary platform where customers can share their opinion on their recent visit to the Subway store through the official website

Why should People take part in the survey?

In order to make the customers who are helping in the growth of the company the website also offers some surprise gifts, promo codes, and coupons to the customers who have completed the review successfully. Those can be utilized by you during the next visit to any Subway store. The way one can take part in this survey is a simple thing and is not a tedious one. You have to take a glance at in order to give their valuable feedback for Subway. The survey will barely take five to seven minutes of your time which one can easily spend on this task as this will be mutually beneficial for both customer and company. Participating in the survey will definitely give you a free cookie without fail which is the most exciting thing here.

As a loyal customer to a particular brand people love to give feedback and will be super excited if their review is followed and implemented by their favorite company. The main and utmost objective of these surveys is that the companies are hearing the satisfaction of the customers and welcoming than in all possible ways. Such that they can enhance their services to all the customers. Generally, not only the food that was offered to customers but also the services offered to them like serving, the ambiance and even every small thing can be reviewed during this survey. So as there is a fair chance that the company will follow the reviews of customers, spending our time on that is definitely worthy.

How To Take Part In The SubwayListens Survey?

As there are millions of happy customers and the number is growing day by day Subway is trying to take a review from everyone.  The following steps are to be followed by customers while participating in it.

  • People can give their review through any device like mobile or desktop or any device with an active internet connection.
  • You have to open the website and fill in the correct information in the given fields. Make sure to double-check if the email you entered is correct. Your subway coupon code and freebie will be delivered to this email.
  • Then enter the date of our visit such that it gives some clarity on which day we have visited the store.
  • Answer the questionnaire where questions will be on things like food that we got, the services that are offered to us etc.
    tellsubway subwaylistens feedback
  • After the successful completion of the survey, you will get a freebie or promo code or free cookie code to the email provided or even sometimes there itself as a voucher that can be utilized on your next visit.
    subway coupon code freebie

Rules and Regulations:

In order to take part in the survey, people have to follow the following rules that are announced by the company.

  • The reviewer should be a customer of the Subway to be a part of this feedback.
  • The bill that is received should definitely be with the customer during their next visit.
  • A valid email should be provided by the customer during their review.
  • People need to have the survey vouchers up to the time they get their freebies claimed.
  • One cannot use this coupon after 30 days from the date issued.
  • Any customer can provide the feedback for five times in a month.

Advantages and disadvantages:

As every coin has both sides here are the two sides even for the Tellsubay survey even.


  • Being a part of the survey will help the company to grow in every possible way that is mentioned by the customer.
  • The reviewer will be the happiest one if the review given by them bought a noticeable change in the company.
  • Not only them but also the other loyal customers of the company can also get better services day by day and get even delicious on their every visit.
  • One more good thing is the company is paying back their lovely customers who are participating in the survey with freebies and many more offers.


  • The bill should be with the customers until their free Cookies are claimed and without the receipt, one can’t claim free coupons.
  • The feedback or survey should be given only through the website and in any other means won’t be contemplated by the company.

Customer care

In order to get in touch with the company or to locate the nearby stores or to get the information of anything regarding the company, they can log in to the website and can get the information on every possible thing they needed from the company.

Reach Subway customer care at portal.

About TellSUBWAY/Subwaylistens

Subway is an American company working in the field of fast-food restaurants that initially sold only sandwiches and salads. This is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world and has approximately 42,000+ stores and franchises located in more than 100 countries. More than half of the stores are located in the United States of America where it is originated. It is the biggest single-brand restaurant and franchise chain, and even the largest restaurant operator, in the world in the fast-food restaurant field.

Subwaylistens is the survey platform where consumers can review the food, ambiance, quality, the neatness maintained by the store and all other aspects that are related to their latest visit to Subway. When a company gets genuine and worthy reviews definitely there will be a huge and drastic change in the food they offer. In simple words, I can say that there will be a slight difference at least when you have Subway food on our next visit. is the official source where one can give their feedback by showing the latest bill. After receiving the feedback from customers they will definitely follow it and try to make the respective changes at the earliest.

Though there are people who say giving these surveys won’t help them in any way and can’t even see any change in any possible means. But there were a number of cases where people felt like their review helped them to get more delicious food during their next visit. Here is how one can deliver their message to this fast-food company using the Tellsubway survey portal.

Final words

In more precise after getting the clarity that just spending your five minutes time will help the subway to get the topmost output, one will definitely participate in the review and can claim their free cookie at zero cost.

Good food can become even better by providing these kinds of surveys to Customers’ desks. Happy eating !! You can find out more Surveys for Coupons on our website.