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Getting a ticket for violating traffic is not an uncommon thing. You certainly need to pay a fine as you get a ticket. Long gone are the days when you need to pay a visit to the court in order to pay the fine. At present, it is possible to make payment of the ticket fine online via NJMCDirect.

NJMCDirect is recognized to be an online ticket payment portal by which it is possible to get the NJ Ticket prefix code. With the aid of this code, it is possible to be free from any type of NJ Ticket fine.

Owing to the NJMCDirect, you do not need to stand in long queues anymore in order to make payment of the NJ Ticket fines in the court. Instead, all you need to do is paying a visit to the NJMCDirect site and thus you can avoid standing in those queues.

What is NJMCDirect – Must Read

NJMCDirect is recognized to be an online portal via which it is possible to pay the fine online.

  1. www.NJMCDirect.com happens to be the official website of NJMCDirect.
  2. It will offer a prefix code with the aid of which you will be capable of paying the ticket fine.
  3. It counts to be a hassle-free option in order to make the payment of the ticket fine online.
  4. You can access the portable anytime anywhere without encountering any sort of hassles.
  5. With the aid of this portal, it is possible to make the online payment. Paying via this portable is known to be comfortable and easy in comparison to standing in queues and making manual payment
  6. s. Another prominent reason why a wide assortment of people prefer to using this portal is due to the fact that it is secure and quick. You do not need to hop here and there with an eye to finding the location of the office.
  7. You will be able to save an ample amount of time in this way as you will be relieved from the hassles of moving from one place to the other in search of the location.

Things you need to make payment by njmcdirect


If you are planning to make payment of the fine online with the aid of NJ ticket prefix code, you need certain things. It is a prerequisite to keeping the list of these things ready in order to use the NJ Ticket prefix code. Here is a list of the things that are essential in order to pay the fine via NJMCDirect Pay:

Traffic ticket

NJMCDirect traffic ticket

It is crucial to have the traffic or parking ticket as it has been used as an evidence. It has to be legal at the same time. Every time there has been an attempt from your side for the violation of the traffic, the officers provide a ticket.

The ticket, provided by the officer is going to have the ticket number and court ID on it. The type of violation of traffic, that has been done by you are found to be mentioned on the ticket. Without it, you will not be capable of completing the process of payment.

License Plate Number

It is another crucial thing that is necessary in order to make payments via the njmcdirect. You can have a look at your driving license in order to find the license plate number. It can be availed under the vehicle details.

Know the hours of operation

There is no doubt in the fact that making payment of NJ ticket fines via the online payment portal is an easy and hassle-free task. But it is a must to have detailed information regarding the hours of operation of the website.

The NJMC portal offers the services at certain times. Unlike several websites, you can not rely on it for twenty-four hours. Thus, you will not be able to access the same anytime you want. You can access the website of njmcdirect from Monday to Thursday within the time session of 7:30 in the morning till 11:45 at night.

You can also browse the website on Friday for making an online payment from 7:30 in the morning to 10:45 at night. The payment procedure on Saturday begins at 7:30 AM and it ends at 3:45 pm. You can go to the website on Sunday for making payment within the time duration of 1 PM to 11:45 PM.

Cards for making the payment

It goes without saying that as you make an attempt to pay the fine via the official website of NJMCDirect, you need to make the payment in the online mode. For making the online payment, you are going to need a debit card or a credit card. You can also make use of a visa card or master card to make the payment.


In addition to this, you need a laptop, PC, or mobile device along with internet connection to make payment via njmcdirect.

You should ensure to take a note of the time schedule before you refer to NJMCDirect payment. It is also necessary to make sure to make payment of the fine prior to the due date for avoiding additional charges. A small convenience fee is charged on online transactions which is as follows:

Benefits of NJMCDirect

There are a wide array of reasons why the NJMCDirect has become the prime choice of people in order to make payment of the fine. This online payment portal has gained high prominence as an effective means of transaction.

A few minutes is suffice in order to process the payment. It is considered to be a faster means as compared to the manual payment. Another reason why this portal is the prime choice of people is due to the fact that it is completely secure.

Thus, you can be ensured that your confidential details which is inclusive of the traffic violation, as well as payment, is going to be secure. This payment portal also ensures the safety and security of your personal information.

This portal stands out of the ordinary in terms of security. No one will be capable of accessing your details other than the employees of New Jersey Court. It offers convenience to users with the aid of an effective method of payment. The best part is that you do not require visiting the NJM court. All you need to do is making an additional payment of a few dollars for the different transactions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1)How can I pay Parking tickets online?

A. To pay the parking tickets online at NJMCdirect Portal, you need to first make sure that you have the following handy.

Things That You Need:

  • A PC/Laptop/Smartphone/Tablet with internet connectivity.
  • An active internet connection.
  • LICENSE plate number.
  • A valid credit card issued by VISA/MASTERCARD/American Express to pay the outstanding amount.
  • Court ID
  • Ticket Number.
  • Ticket Prefix.

2) How long do you have to pay a ticket?

A. The online payment processing window expires in 10 minutes. After the payment processing windows expires, you have to re-do the whole process again.

3) What happens if you don t pay a parking ticket?

A. If you don’t pay the parking ticket, the dues on your ticket may be increased in the future. You will end up paying more fine.

4) Can you go to jail for not paying court fines?

A. Yes, there’s a high possibility that you can go to jail for not paying your court fines. However, this isn’t the primary option that most courts rely on. They look for an alternative.

5) njmcdirect can’t find ticket?

A. If NJMCdirect can’t find your ticket, it strongly suggests that your ticket number hasn’t been entered into the system. You can

go to the court violation window with the ticket and pay it.

There’s another way to find your ticket number. For that, you will have to utilize the Municipal Court Case Search (MCCS) portal. To find your case details, you need at least one of the following handy:
NJMCdirect can't find ticket

If you have any of the above mentioned requirements handy, you can click on the Search button to go to the search portal.