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TellTheBell: People remember the days when they used to have paper reviews and surveys everywhere. People used to follow the traditional paper feedback methods in which we will be getting paper after our visit to any store. People even feel irritated when they were asked to do the paper surveys for a long time like 15-20 minutes. Most of the people don’t even show any kind of interest to take part in surveys. Then some people came with a creative solution and they are nothing but Online Surveys. Here we came up with a new topic called Tellthebell online survey and its importance to customers.

The best thing in those online surveys is they can be completed in less time, even more, flexible as they will be in an easier format than compared to conventional paper surveys. Then every company started utilizing those surveys and have been following their outcomes. Taco bell a famous fast food restaurant chain which is an American origin is not an exception in this.

Why one should participate in a review????

Generally, while we consider any issue in which we can’t get a perfect opinion and when people are in a dilemma to get a solution for that this kind of surveys will help to resolve them.

There are many cases in which companies have seen a tremendous change in the growth of the company just after following the reviews given by their lovely customers and their loyal consumer base.

People after giving their reviews can get an indirect assurance like the food that they are going to get during their next visit to their loving restaurant. But this is the case that happens only when the customers are keenly concentrating on the food they taste.

Sometimes, we may not be able to say some issues directly to the store manager. In such cases, you can express your opinion through reviews and can feel satisfied if they have seen that change by next time.

Not only thinking in regard to the restaurant but also in the thought that our review is making a change, people should review their liked restaurant in order to have a much more delicious meal for everyone.

Tellthebell Customer Satisfaction Survey @ is an official website where people can share their opinion on the store they have visited recently. This platform acts as a middle entity between TacoBell and it’s consumers. Here they can give their genuine opinion no matter good or bad or even worse they can share their response about TacoBell. The procedure involved Tellthebell survey is much simpler when you have the previous purchase receipt.

Tellthebell Survey Procedure:

To give a review about the food products or ambiance or cleanliness etc served by TacoBell, people have to visit the official site.

  • Once you check out the official website given above, you will be asked to enter the 16 digit survey code printed on your receipt.
  • You have to enter the survey code that is present on the bill which is received by you on your last visit to TacoBell.
  • Select the store where you have ordered food last time and provide the date, time.
  • After verifying your details, the survey will start and you will be provided with a questionnaire.
    tell the bell survey
  • The questionnaire only asks your input about basic stuff such as the food quality, cleanliness of the store and friendliness of the staff.
    tell the bell
  • You are successfully done with the survey process and collect the free coupon at the email provided.

Rules and Regulations :

  • The receipt should be the original one that they have received during their last food purchase at Taco Bell.
  • People should only enter the unique code that is present on the center top of the receipt.
  • Only the resident of that particular state can participate in the survey.
  • Age limit to participate in the survey is 18 years.
  • After successful completion, if survey only people can avail their free coupon whatever may be given to customers as a recognition to their review.
  • Sixteen digit code is different for every store of Taco Bell and should not misuse them while availing the free wraps or the free vouchers.
  • People reviewing only will be considered as the reviewer only after the proper completion of the review until the end.
  • Offers can be claimed only when you produce the original receipt of the last visit.

Advantages and disadvantages

Every issue has positive and negative in a similar way this review also have some ups and downs. It is not that one should see only the advantages but when the number of people liking Tace Bell was more, you can choose the positives vibes first.


  • People can get a higher amount of money in some cases as mentioned by the and it can even up to $500 in some cases.
  • Our reviews will definitely help the company to grow in many possible ways not only to enhance the food quality but also to increase their stability in the market.
  • Though we mention about a small thing it can be the biggest change that Taco Bell can make for their development in this fast-food restaurant chain arena.
  • You can anonymously send your feedback to Taco Bell using the feedback option while filling up the survey.
    tellthebell survey feedback


  • Misusage and improper entry of survey codes will no longer help people to claim their freebies.
  • Bill should be kept safe until people get their food which they got at free cost as an appreciation for their review, comes to your hand.
  • In the arena of reviews, TacoBell follows some serious rules and reviews against them can’t be entertained by the company in any other means.
  • Only the reviews that were given through the website will be taken into consideration.

Customer care

For any information regarding the company or it’s franchises, nearby stores and any assistance people can directly visit website and can easily follow the website for all our needs. When these services were not reachable, you can contact the company people using Social media like Facebook or Twitter.

About Taco Bell

Taco Bell is an American chain of fast food restaurants and is a California origin, also a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. These restaurants serve a variety of Tex-Mex(Texas-Mexican) foods that include tacos, burritos, quesadillas, nachos, novelty, and specialty items. Glenn Bell is the founder of Taco Bell Restaurant who is behind the success of the company.

They have started more than 7000+ stores all around the world from its origin in 1962. That figures can simply show how a successful brand TacoBell is and how it is growing day by day. And for such a large firm there is a tremendous requirement to know the feedback of their customers. Then in such a niche space, they started availing the services of where people can give feedback on their visit to the TacoBell store.

Final words

If just spending a very little span of us is bringing a huge change then why should we stop doing that??

It does not cost money from your pocket to give a feedback to the food delivered. Just go through, give a genuine review and claim the much more tasty food on your next visit.

Became a regular foodie at Taco Bell and eat for free just by giving your helpful feedback.

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