TellDunkin – Dunkin Donuts Official Guest Feedback Survey [Get Free Donuts]

TellDunkin: Dunkin Donuts is recognized to be an American global doughnut company and coffeehouse which is based in Canton of Massachusetts. It was founded in the year of 1950 almost before sixty-eight years. The headquarters of the company is located at Quincy of Massachusetts. William Rosenbery is the founder of Dunkin Donuts.

Dunkin Donuts come with free coffee giveaways and promotions which are aligned with different sports team events. happens to be the official website of TellDunkin Survey. You can procure Dunkin Donuts at absolutely free of cost by filling the survey form of the TellDunkin. This survey form is primarily to gain an understanding of customer satisfaction. TellDunkin Survey contributes to being a perfect option for informing the company about the last visits of your company. It is a type of feedback form and you have the best chance of winning doughnuts at absolutely free of cost by taking part in the survey. In order to stand the chance of winning the doughnuts at absolutely free of cost, you just require finishing the TellDunkin Guest Satisfaction Survey which is available on the official website. As you are done with the survey, you are sure to procure a coupon code at absolutely free of cost. It is possible to redeem the same for the Dunkin Donut at absolutely free of cost on the very next visit.

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Eligibility Criteria For Taking Part In TellDunkin Survey

If you intend to seek participation in the TellDunkin survey, it is recommended to gain an understanding of the eligibility criteria of the same. You should ensure to purchase Doughnuts from Dunkin for becoming eligible for the prizes and survey. You are going to get a single receipt for each customer in every visit. It is a prerequisite to taking participation in the survey within the time duration of three days of the visit, post to making the purchase. You should make sure to use the free ice-cream or donut code within the span of one hundred and eighty days in order to take the survey. You need to make use of the coupon code of your own as the code is not transferable. You should make sure to use your own coupon code as you cannot use the coupon code of other people at the same time. You are going to have the responsibility to pay all the tax, on the very order. The cash value is equivalent to one cent. You should make sure to buy a soft drink of large or medium size with the use of the survey code for receiving the ice-cream or donut at absolutely free of cost.

How To Take Part In TellDunkin Survey at

  • There are a couple of things which you should have for the completion of the TellDunkin Survey. You will require a purchase receipt which should not be older than three days. In addition to this, you need a smartphone or laptop along with stable internet connectivity. Once you have all the above-mentioned things, you will be capable of starting the process of the survey.
  • To begin with, you require paying a visit to the official website of TellDunkin. As you enter the website, you will find an option where you can choose the language. You can go for Spanish or English as the preferred language with an eye to begin the survey. On the very next page, you will be entering the receipt number for the very first page of the TellDunkin Survey.
  • TellDunkinDonuts survey
    You should be taking out the very receipt with an eye to finding the eighteen digit receipt number. You will be capable of finding the receipt number in the very middle. You require typing the number on the website of TellDunkin  Survey
  • Begin the survey by hitting on Start to Go for entering into the next step of the Guest Survey. Next, to this, you require entering the six-digit store number, which is present at the top portion of the receipt. You will require entering the hour and date of the visit. After this, you need to fill up the questionnaire that comprises of a wide assortment of feedback questions. You should make sure to answer all these in an honest way in accordance with your experience at the time of the last visit. Lastly, for the completion of the survey, you require making an entry of your name as well as email address.
  • With the completion of the survey, you will find a coupon code on the screen. You should make sure to take note of the coupon code, present on the purchase receipt and keep the same handy. Make sure to bring the code along with the receipt on the very next visit to the store of Dunkin Donut. You are going to get a donut at absolutely free of cost as you purchase a beverage.

Survey results

tellDunkinDonuts result

With the completion of TellDunkin Survey, you will receive a code to get the free donut of your choice. It is also possible for you to win the soft serve ice-cream of three oz while buying the beverage of large or medium size. You can make the entry in the sweepstakes with an eye to getting coffee at absolutely free for a year. You can also get the gift card as the reward in the survey.

Things to know about the TellDunkin Survey

Dunkin Donuts has begun the survey with an eye to understanding the queries of the customers and trying to solve them in no time. Dunkin Donuts has gained high prominence as the best brand in the range of food categories. They are leaving no stone unturned for bestowing satisfaction to their customers. You are going to take a few minutes of time with an eye to completing the survey of Dunkin Donuts. The survey comprises of few questions which will be relevant to the last visit in the store of Dunkin Donuts.

tellDunkinDonuts survey

The survey form comprises of few simple and hassles free questions which are inclusive of the price and quality of food. You will be asked whether you like food or not during the survey. You will also be asked about the attitude of the staffs, the cleanliness of the place or about the treatment of the staffs in the survey report.

TellDunkinDonuts survey

The survey report comprises of the scaling system in which you need to answer whether you are satisfied with the quality of the services and food. You require conferring it a scale such as highly satisfying, satisfy, dissatisfy, neither satisfy nor dissatisfy, highly dissatisfy. The company looks for a genuine response from the customers so that they can resolve any complaints if any. This is essential for bringing an improvement in the services in a perfect manner. In the survey, the customers are requested to provide true and genuine feedback. You will be capable of winning exciting gifts by taking participation in the survey of telldunkin.

Final Words:

This survey is done in order to understand the experience of the customers. You will be capable of making the services effective and better by taking part in the survey. The TellDunkin Survey contributes to being a perfect option for bringing improvement in customer satisfaction.

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