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TellCulvers: Culver’s is recognized to be a privately owned as well as operated chain of the fast-casual restaurants which operate primarily in the Midwest of United States. The first restaurant has opened in Sauk city of Wisconsin in the year 1984. At present, this chain has above five hundred restaurants, in the country. Lea Culver and Craig along with the parents of Craig started the very first Culver’s restaurant in the year of 1984 in the hometown of the family. George Culver, have spent the primary years of his career to grade as well as inspect the dairy farms, present in Wisconsin. Though he was working outside, Ruth, his wife, stayed at home and raised their children. It was in the year 1961 when both of them started the opportunity for buying their very first restaurant. Though the kids grow up while learning about serving the guests, hospitality and offering mouth-watering cuisines, the approach of the family formed the base behind the success of the restaurants.

TellCulvers survey

Eligibility criteria for taking part in the TellCulvers survey

There are certain eligibility criteria which you need to fulfill in order to take participation in the Culver’s survey In case you are a legal resident of the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States of America, you will be capable of taking participation in the survey. It is a prerequisite to fulfill a specific age limitation with an eye to seeking participation in the survey. It is mandatory that you should attain the age of thirteen years at least in order to take part in the survey.

TellCulvers policy

For taking participation in the survey, the individual should possess basic knowledge of the English language. This is essential for giving answers to the questions, that are available in the survey. One of the most crucial thing that you need to remember for taking participation in the survey is that you should not be a family member or employees of the organization. You are not allowed to sell or transmit the validation code.

Requirements To Take Participation In The TellCulvers Survey

TellCulvers survey

For taking participation in the survey visit, it is essential that you should possess a valid receipt of purchase from the restaurant. In addition to this, you require having a computer or smartphone along with active internet connectivity for reaching out the website. You should ensure to make use of the receipt after a few days of purchasing. In case it is more than seven days old, you will not be capable of taking participation in the survey. In addition to this, you should take note of the survey coupon code for redeeming during the next visit to It is not possible to redeem the vouchers without the code or receipt.

How To Take Part in TellCulvers Survey at

Now that you are planning to take participation in the TellCulvers survey, it is essential to follow the below-mentioned step by step guide:

  • In the beginning, you require paying a visit to the official survey portal. is recognized to be the official website of TellCulvers Survey.
  • After this, you need to choose the language of preference for taking participation in the survey. English is considered to be the language, by default. In case you are not aware of how to read in English, you can consider switching the Spanish language. As you set the default language, you need to start the survey.
  • Next, to this, you require entering the eighteen digit survey code that is printed on the receipt of Culvers. The eighteen digit survey code is present at the below part of the receipt.
  • After entering the survey code, you require entering the six-digit TRN Number of culvers. You will be able to find the six-digit TRN number at the uppermost corner of the receipt.
  • You require entering the time and date of visit to the store of Culvers. In order to find the date or time of visit, you should be referring to the receipt of culvers.
  • Once you have entered all the details in a valid manner, you need to click the start button with an eye to starting the survey. You should make sure that all the details are valid so that you can join the survey at ease. You should also ensure that you have active and stable internet connectivity for taking participation in the survey.
  • In the questionnaire of the TellCulvers survey, you need to give answers to specific questions about the last visit to the restaurant. You will be giving ratings about the staff, quality, staff, or the food. It is essential that you should confer honest opinions while taking participation in the survey.
  • After giving answers to the questions, the website will ask you not to leave any personal complaints, suggestions or comments. In case you are willing to leave any suggestion or comment, you should be mentioning the same in the provided comment section.
  • At last, you will receive a culver coupon code for giving rewards in order to take participation in the TellCulvers survey. You should make sure to write the survey coupon code on the receipt that you are going to use. It is necessary that you should make sure to take the receipt during the next visit to the restaurant. You are going to get a culvers code at absolutely free of cost at the time of redeeming the coupon.
  • In case you have any query or issue with the survey, you should be contacting the customer care base of the culvers. You can give a call to the customer care at 608 643 7980. In order to contact them, it is essential to give a call to them during the business hours in order to resolve your complaints. You can also give a call to their toll-free number. However, you should make sure to give a call during the business hours for getting responses and resolving the issues fast. The business hours of the company are 8 AM to 5 PM from Monday to Friday.
  • As you take participation in the TellCulvers survey, you stand a chance to win the grand prize of $25,000. There are twenty fixe hamburger day prize packs which are inclusive of one culver’s card worth $25, one butterburger shirt of large size, five coupons for the value basket at absolutely free of cost. It also includes thirty-five daily prizes where a check of worth $1000 is given to the winner. There are thirty-five win prizes of butterburger shirt of large size.

About TellCulvers

It takes consistent effort in order to maintain high satisfaction level among the guests. As the market is shrinking and the competition is rising, the businesses are trying their hard for enhancing the satisfaction of the guests for keeping the existing customers and attracting the new ones. The new global company is transforming the way in which the companies accomplish their business. Measuring the satisfaction of the guests turned out to be a vital strategy in order to enhance the return on investment of the business The tellculver’s guest satisfaction survey is worth mentioning in this aspect as it offers the prerequisite knowledge and tools for the implementation of appropriate and effective changes.

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