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Oursainsburys is designed exclusively for the employees of the company for the management of paystubs online. It comprises of all the details of the employees, that are relevant to work. Such details are inclusive of overnight shifts, working hours, bonus received, and the payments which have been received by the employees till now. The ultimate objective of the portal is serving the employees by offering all the crucial information. By signing into the Oursainsburys portal, it is possible for the employees to avail a wide variety of information which is inclusive of the total amount of time for which he has worked in the company, the remuneration, he has received against it. Using the portal is free from hassles and a few simple steps are essential for logging into the same.

Oursainsburys at www.oursainsburys.co.uk
oursainsbury login

Log in to the portal

  • In order to log into the oursainsburys portal, you first need to go to oursainsburys.co.uk. To login, you need to know the national insurance number. You should make sure to have the employee number with you in order to sign into the same. You need to keep in mind that your username is firstname.surname.last4digitsofemployeenumber@mysainsburys.co.uk.
    oursainsbury login
  • Your national insurance number and password is same where the first letter is a capital one.
  • As you sign into the Oursainsburys account, you need to change the password instantly as you will be asked to do the same.
  • It is the responsibility of your manager for registering your details as the valid employee, else you will not be capable of login into the portal.

Oursainsburys Employee Benefits

You are going to incur the following benefits after being a part of Sainburys. As you complete your service for the time span of six months, you have the eligibility for the discount card for the colleagues. It will allow you to get a discount of ten percent on the purchases at either of the store at Sainsburys. You can even select a second user in order to make use of the card. It also offers an additional colleague benefits programme. Sainsbury’s offers a wide assortment of discounts for you as well as the other members of your family on a bunch of services such as restaurant, gym membership, place of interest.

The employees of Oursainsburys can sign into their own accounts via the online website without encountering any sort of hurdles. With the use of the login of oursainsburys, it is possible for the employees to check out the latest information regarding payslips information, schedules, learn skills. For this, it is a prerequisite to making an entry of skype ID, email address into the services of Oursainsburys. In case you fail to get an access to the account, in spite of having a valid and registered a phone number, email address, or Skype, you can contact the DT service desk which will be helpful in resolving different issues.

Oursainsburys Values

The core values of OurSainbury’s are inclusive of the environment, sourcing, health, environment, and colleagues. It is useful to the customers for residing well while offering healthy food. There are a bunch of countries in which a lot of people can get an access to the right nutrition. The citizen of the United Kingdom is intaking food that is filled with fat, salt and sugar that causes diseases, related to diet and higher levels of obesity.

The company is responsible for offering assistance to the customers for consuming a healthy diet. They help to bring an improvement in the quality of the food, available in the baskets. It deals with almost twenty-six million transactions on a weekly basis. The integral achievements of Oursainbury’s are inclusive of eleven tonnes of salt, 452 tonnes of sugar.

Business strategy


The business strategy is a highlight of how the organization will be capable of getting the core values of being a reliable retailer so that people can love to shop and work. It is useful to the customers to live a life at the most affordable prices. Apart from offering services such as general merchandise, clothing, financial services, and food, it provides a few more responsibilities to the employees, customers, colleagues, and the planet. For achieving the goals, it comes with five strategic priorities that are useful in developing goodwill and trust. The strategic priorities are inclusive of valuing the customers, colleagues making the difference, amazing services, and products at the most reasonable rates.

Services and products

Sainsbury’s is recognized to be one of the leading food retailers in the United Kingdom. It is useful to the customers for living well. It offers expansion to the business to above 807 convenience stores, 605 supermarkets, 15,000 own brand products, 250,000 online orders, every week. You can shop for the groceries at the store of OurSainsburys at the least cut off from the pocket.

Under the brand, you can gain vital details about the brands which are inclusive of Tu, Sainsbury’s Home, Argos, Sainsbury’s groceries, Habitat, Sainsbury’s Bank, Energy, and Nectar. You can avail Argos for above sixty thousand products at the in-stores and online.

With the incorporation of the brand, it provides choice, convenience, and value to the customers. For above twenty-nine million store consumers, as well as a billion visitors online daily, the company is useful to the customers in getting easy and hassle-free life.

It has everything for all the family members. The products offer leading brands such as Samsung, LEGO, Dyson, Beats, Nespresso, and different exclusive links such as Chad Valley and Heart of House. It provides the customers their required products via the same day fast-track delivery as well as in-store fast-track collection services.

The integral figures of the company are inclusive of 30,000 employees, sixty thousand products, one billion customers online and eight hundred stores. Via this online website, it is possible to gain information and details regarding the Argos community prize draw of Sainsbury.

Sainsbury’s organization stands out of the ordinary in selling homeware products of premium quality without burning a hole in the pocket. It comes with the facility of crafting which is accomplished by the in-house team which is known for bringing life to the home. It offers a bunch of homeware products which are inclusive of bathroom bits, soft bedding throws, weekend wine glasses, sturdy plates, to name a few. In addition to this, the amazing in-house designers offer amazing quality pieces which are a prerequisite for daily living. For the home at Sunbury’s, it is possible to fill the home with memories, laughter, family. The integral characteristics of Sainbury’s home are inclusive of six thousand pieces and thirteen in-house designers for turning the house into the life.

Sainsbury’s Bank

Sainsbury’s Bank is recognized to be the primary supermarket bank that opens in Britain. It offers an award-winning blend of the different financial products as well as attractive rewards to the shoppers of Sainsbury’s. The available financial products are inclusive of loan mortgages, credit cards, loans, car, travel money, home insurance, to name a few.

Sainsbury’s is known for having a strong track record to work in partnership with the developers, agents, landlords for opening new stores. It pursues the new sites actively for the expansion of a strong portfolio across the United Kingdom.

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