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MyMichaelsVisit: Michael Stores, Inc. is recognized to be a retail chain which has specialization in crafts and arts. The company is known to operate above 1,140 stores across Canada and the United States. It has above one hundred and eighteen Aaron Brother Stores. In addition to this, the retail chain is known for the production of ten exclusive brands which are inclusive of Studio Decor, Craft Smart, Art Minds, Loops and THreads, Celebrate it, Artist’s Loft, Bead Landing, Recollections, Creatology. The headquarters of the corporation is located in Irving, Texas.


The average store of Michael has a measurement of 18,200 sq. ft and comprised of above forty thousand unique products which are inclusive of wall decor, bakeware, framing, floral, craft and art products, seasonal merchandise for different hobbyists and home decorators, scrapbooking beads, etc. This store has earned a high reputation as the largest retail chain of the kind in the United States.

MyMichaelsVisit – Michaels Customer Satisfaction Survey at

In order to stand ahead in the competition, MyMichaelsVisit Survey provides an opportunity for establishing a communication with the customers and getting information and details about them. For bringing an improvement in the quality of the customer service, they have conducted a survey for the measurement of the satisfaction of the customers with the services, products, and stores. The feedback you are going to receive is helpful in getting a better and effective understanding of the requirements and concerns so that they can bring an improvement in the products and services. With the aid of this MyMichaelsVisit survey, Michel Store monitors the satisfaction levels. They respond to different issues and provide a boost to customer loyalty. It is also essential for enhancing the bottom line of the business and enhancing customer satisfaction.
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In case you feel there is any room for improvement, you are free to speak your mind during the MyMichaelsVisit survey. The details, provided by you is useful in the highlighting of issues. The information and details, provided are useful in highlighting the issues, that have been neglected. It provides them opportunities for taking remedial action. With the aid of this survey, the company offers a channel to the customers for putting across their own views. This is a must for the business environment where a bunch of customers is allowed to share their views and opinions on the channels that are beyond the control of the business. MyMichaelsVisit survey is evidence that the company is ready to listen to you and take your views into account.

Requirements for MyMichaelsVisit survey

If you are willing to take participation in the survey, you need to have the following things:

  • You require a mobile, smartphone, tablet, computer or laptop in order to take part in the survey. In addition to this, you need stable internet connectivity.
  • An active internet connection is a must for taking part in the survey. In case the internet connection is faster, you will be able to complete the survey in no time. A slow internet connection, on the other hand, is annoying and may interrupt the survey time and again.
  • Next, to this, you require having a valid and most updated Michaels receipt along with the invitation to the survey.
  • Along with this, you need to have proficient skills in Spanish, French or English language.

Eligibility criteria for taking part in the survey

MyMichaelsVisit policy
The Michaels Survey is recognized to be a basic feedback questionnaire that is meant for offering specific details and information to the company regarding the products, store, and general customer service. Here you will be asked a bunch of questions that will be used in assessing your experience about the products and services. You will be asked to provide ratings about your level of satisfaction with different areas. You can talk about which department you have shopped for by taking participation in the survey.

  • You need to attain the age of eighteen years at last for taking participation in the survey.
  •  You require providing your email ID and basic contact details for seeking participation in the survey
  •  You cannot be an employee of the company
  •  In case you are a close relative or employee of the company, you are not allowed to take participation in the MyMichaelsVisit survey.
  •  You can make use of the discount option, present on the receipt only for once.
  •  You need to be a legal citizen of the United States.
  •  The code is going to expire within the specified duration of time.

How To Take Part In MyMichaelsVisit Survey at

Here is a step by step guide that will be helpful in order to take participation in the MyMichaelsVisit survey:

  • In order to take participation in the survey, you require paying a visit to the official website of Michaels Store. The mymichaelvisit customer satisfaction survey is going to take you to the other page.
  • You require keeping the receipt from the latest visit to the store of Michales after which you need to be redirected to the survey webpage.
  • After this, you need to select the language of preference. English is the default language. You can change the same to either Francais or Espanol.
  • You require finding the twenty-two digit survey code, next to this. You can find the survey code on the receipt and type the same in the designated text boxes.
  • MyMichaelsVisitYou can start taking participation in the survey by providing a rating about the overall satisfaction regarding the latest shopping experience.
  • You require participating in the survey in a consistent manner by checking off each and every individual department during your visit to the store.
  • After this, you need to provide ratings about your satisfaction with a bunch of areas. For instance, you need to provide ratings about the checkout speed, ease of assistance, the availability of the products.
  • In the survey, you will be asked what are the possible chances of your returning and shopping from the store again. In addition to this, you will be asked whether you will provide recommendations about the store to others within the time span of the next thirty days.
  • After this, you are going to reach a text box eventually in which you require explaining the specific satisfaction rating.
  • As you continue taking part in the survey, you require providing answers to a bunch of additional questions. Most of them happen to be simple and you need to answer them in yes and no only.
  • In the end, you require making an entry of a few personal details after which you are going to receive the validation code. You need to write down the validation code on the receipt.
MyMichaelsVisit survey

The hours of operation of the store is known to be similar for both Canada and the United States. The store is open from 9 in the morning to 9 at night from Monday to Saturday whereas on Sunday it is open from 10 in the morning till 7 in the night. There are several ways in which you can reach the Michaels store. You can reach them over the phone at the toll-free number which is 1-800-642-4235. You can bring an improvement in the quality of services and products, as offered by the company, by taking part in the mymichaelvisit survey and providing your honest opinions.

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