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MyBKExperience: Every company knows that surveys are really useful in describing the needs of their consumers. Even we know that no other research method can provide this huge output, which ensures a more exact sample to gather target oriented outcomes. With the help of this Mybkexperience survey, companies tend to draw conclusions and make important decisions in which they can directly come to a decision. It will be easier to know the companies that should rely on and what they should not do in order to carry on with their product by drawing the same success rate. Conducting Mybkexperience survey can help the company in increasing the quality of provisions as suggested by their consumers in a creative way.

At the same time, online surveys take huge market share in surveys arena as these are the surveys that are relatively inexpensive. Online surveys and mobile surveys, in particular, have very little cost to the company. The time needed to complete an online survey project is on average two-thirds shorter than that of traditional paper survey methods. Because information is being gathered automatically, we don’t have to wait for paper questionnaires to come back to you and the response time is almost instant. A marketing survey revealed that the companies will start getting the reviews from a customer from the first day of the research.

Why should People take a part in survey?

The value gained from experiences depends very much on how experiences are reviewed in a day. Reviewing is the best chance to score importance and hope to experience the product. However, it may be ‘small’ or ‘large’, ‘negative’ or ‘positive’ but the genuine experience will deliver the honest review. Even giving a negative one will help the company to resolve them and even can get better improvement in terms of their services.

How To Take Part In The MyBKExperience Survey?

Getting into the process in order to participate in the My Burger King Experience, go through the guide given below:

  • Visit and you will see the welcome screen where you will be asked to enter the Restaurant Number which is located at the front of your receipt.
  • You can choose to enter the survey either in English, Spanish or French.
  • This code can be seen alongside a Survey Code printed on the bill that is given to you on your last BK order.
  • Now enter the Survey Code printed on the receipt.
    mybkexperience customer survey
  • You will also be required to mention the date and time of visit printed on the receipt.
  • Once the survey is started you will be asked some basic questions about the store. The survey will also seek your input about the employees working in the store, their friendless and hospitality.
  • Just try to answer each question honestly and finish the survey.
  • Everyone who finishes the survey and provides their feedback will be provided with a freebie coupon from Burger King. This coupon can be redeemed the next time you visit a Burger King outlet.

It hardly takes more than 5 minutes to answer theese questions and to complete the survey. The validation coupon code can be redeemed anytime within the next 30 days in the store we have visited.

Rules and regulations:

  1. In order to participate in review people have to be the genuine customers as they have an original receipt number and then only they will be considered as an original reviewer.
  2. You can choose language on your own between the available preferences and then follow it.
  3. Should have the original Burger King receipt which is not older than 14 days.
  4. People with those coupons should claim their freebies only within a span of 30 days or at least time by their next visit.
  5. People cannot get money as a freebie because only they can get food for survey not money in any form
  6. People have to keep their coupon code until they got their free Whopper or burger whatever else it would go into vain.
  7. A customer can take this survey only through the official website

To know more about the terms of service, you can check out this link.

Things to know about :

  • They can give their review through any device which is having a working internet connection.
  • Generally, there won’t be any collapsing of the website but may happen at times when there is an overflow of more customers at the same time. This won’t happen many a time as people will give reviews generally in their free time.

After knowing the freebies that bk is providing people an enthusiastic offer and they are making sure that they will be participating in the review just after their visit to Burger King restaurant


  1. Getting freebies just for giving our genuine opinion is not less than like a learning to ride a bicycle ride without falling from it.
  2. We can get self-satisfaction that our review helped company one in many forms in order to increase their stability and their services, their quality and in every possible aspect they were mentioned they will try to improve that.
  3. Can get an indirect assurance that we can get much better food at our next visit.


  1. Some people will lose their receipts of freebies may be sandwich or burger which such cases won’t be entertained by the company.
  2. The review only given through is valid whereas the reviews given in any other platforms won’t be considered for appraisals in any form.

Customer care

To get any information regarding the company or the nearby stores of burger King we can log on to and can get every possible information regarding the stores. Do install the social networking apps and contact the official using Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

About Burger King (Bk):

In this type of arena, a very big giant in fast food market Burger King (BK) an American global chain of fast food restaurants took this online surveys as a very good initiate to know the customer’s ideas. And now it took the charge to get accurate and useful responses from their consumers. Any busy customer or working people can go through this survey in their leisure time by using the official website of Burger King Survey i.e You just need to produce the receipt of last online or offline order of any item from Burger King.

Whatever may be your favorite dish at Burger King? Chicken burgers, chicken sandwiches, bk veggie, salads, drinks, desserts, whoppers or any other item? People can share their dining experience with Burger King through an online experience survey, where we will get a validation code after finishing the survey. Customer needs to get the receipt and the coupon received on their next visit.

In order to do all this, they came up with an online survey and named it as my experience. This is an online survey platform where the customers after having their visit to Burger King they can review their experience and can give their feedback at


In this way spending, just a split of our valuable time to give feedback will definitely bring a lot of changes which we can’t even dream for. Either your survey may help the company or not but you can get a freebie at zero cost by taking part in the survey.

Happy eating and reviewing. You can find out more Surveys for Coupons on our website.