My HR Kaiser: My HR Kaiser is recognized to be the website of Human resource for the permanent employees, who are working at Kaiser Permanente. It is a special platform which is designed specifically for the current employees of the company. It helps them in getting access to the customized human resource details which are […]

MyBKExperience: Every company knows that surveys are really useful in describing the needs of their consumers. Even we know that no other research method can provide this huge output, which ensures a more exact sample to gather target oriented outcomes. With the help of this Mybkexperience survey, companies tend to draw conclusions and make important […]

StoreSurvey.RiteAid: Rite Aid was founded in the year of 1962. It was in the year of 1968 when it re-branded itself to Rite Aid Corp from Thrif D discount. It is recognized to be a chain of drugstores which was situated in the United States in more than 4,500 locations. In this pharmacy, you are […]

TalkToWendys: Wendy’s is recognized to be an American fast food restraint chain which is based in Dublin of Ohio. It has gained high popularity as one of the largest hamburger chains across the globe. It has more than seven thousand stores around the globe. Wendy’s come with its own customer satisfaction survey where they can […]

MyMichaelsVisit: Michael Stores, Inc. is recognized to be a retail chain which has specialization in crafts and arts. The company is known to operate above 1,140 stores across Canada and the United States. It has above one hundred and eighteen Aaron Brother Stores. In addition to this, the retail chain is known for the production […]

TalkToSonic: You stand a chance to win Sonic Route 44 as you take participation in TalkToSonic Survey and share your feedback about your experience the store. Sonic Drive-In, also referred to as SONIC was founded on 18th June, in the year 1853. It is recognized to be an American drive-in fast-food chain which is based […]

TellCulvers: Culver’s is recognized to be a privately owned as well as operated chain of the fast-casual restaurants which operate primarily in the Midwest of United States. The first restaurant has opened in Sauk city of Wisconsin in the year 1984. At present, this chain has above five hundred restaurants, in the country. Lea Culver […]

TellWinnDixie: Tell Winn-Dixie is recognized to be a supermarket chain along with its headquarters, situated in Jacksonville, Florida. It is one of the well-renowned food retailing business. It has gained high prominence as one of the leading seventy-five North American companies. It has a ranking of twenty-four which reveals its immense popularity in the retail […]

MyHR CVS: A web portal MyHR CVS has come into being for the employees, working at CVS Health. In this portal, it is possible to get access to all the resources, that are related to work online. It is possible to get access to the said portal via VIa it, it is possible to […]

Mandspeoplesystem: It is recognized to be the employee login website for the employees, working at Marks and Spencer. is the official website for Mandspeoplesytem. It has been designed for resolving the different payroll issues of the employees, working with Marks and Spencer. The registered employee of this company can log in into the portal […]

KrogerFeedback: Kroger has gained a high reputation as the second largest supermarket chains, which is based in the country of United States. It is located in more than 2778 places across the country. It has received well reputation as one of the largest employers across the globe. The customers never fail to appreciate the same […]

TellDunkin: Dunkin Donuts is recognized to be an American global doughnut company and coffeehouse which is based in Canton of Massachusetts. It was founded in the year of 1950 almost before sixty-eight years. The headquarters of the company is located at Quincy of Massachusetts. William Rosenbery is the founder of Dunkin Donuts. Dunkin Donuts come […]

WalgreensListens: Walgreens, also referred to as Walgreen Company is recognized to be a large drug retailing chain that has its headquarters in Deerfield of Illinois. It was founded in the year 1901. The stores of this company are operating in more than 8,200 stores across the U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, and the United States. […]

Oursainsburys is designed exclusively for the employees of the company for the management of paystubs online. It comprises of all the details of the employees, that are relevant to work. Such details are inclusive of overnight shifts, working hours, bonus received, and the payments which have been received by the employees till now. The ultimate […]

Home depot Survey: Home Depot has earned a high reputation as one of the leading DIY depots, present in America. It is recognized to be a home improvement company which supplies the prerequisite tools for the construction and other commodities that are essential for a family to enhance the beauty of their home. It is […]

DQFanSurvey: Dairy Queen, also referred to as DQ, contributes to being a chain of fast food restaurants and soft serve ice cream which is owned by the International Dairy Queen. It is recognized to be the subsidiary of the Berkshire Hathaway Inc. The very first restaurant of Dairy Queen was situated in Joliet of Illinois. […]

Subwaylistens: From the available resources of feedback collection from purchasers for different purposes, the survey method is the best fit and is used by most of the companies. Survey method helps companies in gaining the most fruitful advantages and measurable outputs. However, surveys also possess some loops and negatives but in a considerable range. One […]

MyCFAVisit: Chick-Fil-A is mostly referred to CFA which is an American Food chain headquartered in the city of College Park, Georgia. CFA got started in May 1946 as a small restaurant by Truett Cathy and now it manages more than 2200 restaurants all over the United States of America. This fast-food chain is well known for […]

Tellthebell: People remember the days when they used to have paper reviews and surveys everywhere. People used to follow the traditional paper feedback methods in which we will be getting paper after our visit to any store. People even feel irritated when they were asked to do the paper surveys for a long time like […] Nike is recognized to be one of the most popular international brands. It has gained high popularity across the globe for the athletic wear of premium quality. In case you are a sports or gym freak, you will be capable of getting top quality of exercise clothing from this brand. It comes with a […]